Shehri’s Story

Our vision

We aim to realize a more just and equal Pakistan, a country of responsible, empowered and active citizens who fulfil their responsibilities towards fellow citizens, the state and the environment.

Our story

Shehri Pakistan is a social initiative that seeks to provide accessible civic education and legal literacy to Pakistani citizens. As of right now the ordinary Pakistani citizen is completely alienated from from the democratic processes in the country as well as the ideas and principles that inform democracy. Shehri Pakistan uses Urdu, Pakistani iconography, and engaging audio/visual tools to make these ideas and principles as accessible to as many Pakistani “shehris” as possible. The initiative attempts to create an indigenous language and narrative of rights where one does not currently exist. It hopes an accessible and non-alienating presentation of these ideas will help citizens channel their current discontent with the state into constructive democratic participation.

Who is the target audience?

While content is produced with the hope that it has universal appeal, Shehri Pakistan is designed with a particular demographic in mind, namely the vast majority of Pakistani Urdu speakers who have access to the internet and social media and consume content in Urdu. To a large degree, this audience is unaware of many, if not all, of the subjects that fall under civic education and also experiences a disconnect on two levels: firstly, this demographic perceives a gap between whatever positive spirit may be embedded in the law and the constitution and what is considered to be reality where such ideals are utopian and do not or cannot exist. Secondly, this demographic is unable to take ownership of such democratic features because they feel alien and foreign.

What makes it accessible?

The Shehri Pakistan team focuses on creating content in the Urdu language. The vast majority of the people of Pakistan speak and understand this language which means that content produced in this language and presented in a clear visual manner is more likely to be understood by the audience. There are also plans to eliminate further language barriers by re-releasing content in provincial languages. Accessibility is further improved when complex legal language is decoded and presented through compelling narratives, making this information familiar to the audience.

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