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Fundamental Rights

Did you know that according to the constitution you have 24 fundamental rights? Learn about all of them!.

What is the Constitution?

Get to know your constitution!

Legislation Process

Learn about how a bill is passed

International Human Rights

Learn why international human rights are important and how they guarantee your right to life and liberty.

Inspector Khoji’s Constitutional Hijinks

Inspector Khoji exercises his right to information to find out more about the neighborhood he wants to move in to.

Right to Water

Every citizen has the right to clean water. Here’s what you can do to safeguard that right.

Right to Education Part 1

Right to Education Part 2

Tertiary Care Hospitals – A Guideline

Things patients should know when they visit tertiary hospitals.

Workers’ Rights

Contracts, work environment, salary and more: the different rights that workers have and should know about

Bonded Labour

Bonded labour is highly exploitative and toxic. Learn more about the scope of bonded labour in Pakistan.

Due Process and Right to Fair Trial

Every citizen has certain rights, regardless of whether they are guilty or not, from the point they are arrested to when they are presented in court – learn what they are!


Did you know that according to the constitution of Pakistan, you have the right to clean air and environment? This what we are collectively doing to that right.

Constitutional Petition

If a fundamental right is being violated and all other forms of complaint and protest have been exhausted, citizens can file a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court to reclaim their right.

Traffic Rules

Owning a vehicle necessitates that you become aware of all the rules that dictate driving. Learn about the difference in authority between traffic and civilian police in Pakistan

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