People We Have Teamed Up With

Shehri Pakistan and SMU

The Special Monitoring Unit is a strategic think tank which steers the road map reform agenda of the Government of the Punjab in health, education, water and clean cities and monitors key flagship initiatives of the chief minister in the social sector.

Shehri Pakistan and SMU collaborated for the release of an animated video titled “Tertiary Hospitals” in October 2017. The video served to highlight the three tiers of the healthcare system in Punjab, and the features of tertiary hospitals specifically. “Tertiary Hospitals” is the first animation in a three-part series which aims to increase awareness in citizens about the three tiers of the healthcare system in Punjab and their specific structure and functions. “Tertiary Hospitals” talks about the two departments found in any tertiary hospitals – emergency and outdoor – and what a patient should expect from both. Informing citizens about their rights and responsibilities as patients will ensure that healthcare facilities are not misused or wasted in Punjab.

Shehri Pakistan and NCHR

The National Commision for Human Rights was established in 2012 to fulfill Pakistan’s international obligations and “for the purpose of promotion and protection of Human Rights as provided in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and various international instruments to which Pakistan is state party or shall become a state party”.

Shehri Pakistan teamed up with NCHR to promote constitutional literacy and civic awareness in Pakistan. The initiative took the form of a program involving the production and distribution of educational content in the form of a series of animated videos (“Fundamental Rights”, “What is the Constitution”) and posters. The series covered key aspects and themes of the Pakistani constitution, fundamental rights, socio-economic rights, and constitutional democracy generally.

Shehri Pakistan and Bolo Bhi

Bolo Bhi is an advocacy, policy, and research organisation focusing on the right to free speech, information, privacy, and gender rights. Bolo Bhi also conducts flagship digital security workshops, as well as civic education workshops where participants learn about the tools available in a democracy to hold the government accountable.

In honour of the 16th Annual International Right to Know Day, Bolo Bhi and Shehri Pakistan collaborated for the release of an animated video titled “Khoji Ki Ayeeni Atkaylian” (The Constitutional Shenanigans of Khoji). The video aimed to raise awareness about right to information legislation in Pakistan by not only educating citizens about their right to information, but also by encouraging them to exercise it. “Khoji Ki Ayeeni Atkaylian” (The Constitutional Shenanigans of Khoji) centers around the quirky Inspector Khoji and his family as they consider making a move from their current neighbourhood, Bayzar Pura, to a better, safer neighborhood, Ronak Pura. The story details how Inspector Khoji, a well-informed, responsible, and incredibly curious citizen, visits various government offices and exercises his right to information.

Shehri Pakistan and Rabtt

Rabtt is a non profit which carries out supplementary educational workshops for low-income schools to provide students access to resources and ideas they may not otherwise encounter.

Shehri Pakistan has started a collaboration with Rabtt to start getting our civic education animations to schools. Rabtt has gone through Shehri Pakistan’s videos, picked out the animations most suitable for school children, and created workshop modules on citizenship and identity that will introduce these videos and assess learning goals among the students. We hope that this will be the start of a long-term collaboration in which Shehri Pakistan develops content geared specifically towards a younger audience.

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